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We’re Blogging on Fertility Authority! We are blogging weekly on one of the world’s top websites for fertility information and education. We’re is excited for the opportunity to help support couples and individuals who are undergoing or considering undergoing fertility treatment. In our blog, we will be answering many of the questions that are often asked by our patients about infertility and fertility treatment. We will also be addressing topics that may help increase patients’ chances of success. We hope that we can make fertility treatment a little less stressful by providing reliable information that patients can use to make informed decisions throughout their journeys.

If you have a question you would like us to answer or an idea for a topic about which you would like to know more, please message us.

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Meet Dr. Damien – Please Note, our offices are now located in Shrewsbury, NJ – New videos are in production

Dr. Damien on Meridian Momtourage

Reproductive Endocrinology

How are IUI / Superovulation and IVF Different

Research and Articles


Dr. Damien was featured in Meridian Healthviews.  Congratulations Sara and Joseph! (please click the photo to view the article)

Meridian Healthviews Featuring Dr. Damien










An Article by Dr. Damien Comparing IVF and Superovulation/IUI Treatments

IVF vs Superovulation 2011





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