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Donor Programs

Recipients of Donated Oocytes

Women who are unable to use their own eggs can choose to use another woman’s eggs to help build their family. This option allows a woman to experience pregnancy and joy of delivering their child.

A donor can be a woman of childbearing age with or without previous pregnancies of their own.

Known Donors

You may have a sister, cousin or close friend who is willing to donate her eggs for you. Some women prefer this because of the genetic link and probable physical similarities they will share with their child. A close friendship can also provide a comforting solution to a couple who has had a long standing relationship with someone and feel that they really know the background of who their child will grow to be. Known donors can fall outside the guidelines of what a recruited donor would be. A known donor who is in her mid to late thirties, has lived in Europe for an extended period or who has tested positive for a communicable disease would all be acceptable to use as a donor after you have been appropriately counseled on the risk factors involved.

Identified Donors

Some donor agencies offer the option of disclosing personal identifying information about a donor. This information can include the birthday or address of the donor. Some agencies also will arrange a meeting with between the donor and her recipient. Contact after the donation is left up to the two women.

Anonymous Donors

In anonymous donation, personal information is not shared between the egg donor and the recipient of those eggs. A woman chooses her donor based on a profile created by the agency of clinic who has recruited her. Sometimes photographs from her childhood are available so you can have an idea of what your child may look like. A profile generally includes a description of her physical characteristics, likes and dislikes, education and family medical history. The donor agrees to contact the clinic in the event any significant medical information comes to light after a donation.

Damien Fertility Partners offers a select group of women who have agreed to become anonymous donors for our practice.

Please contact Claudia, our donor egg coordinator for further information.

Oocyte Donors

All donors are required under FDA guidelines to submit to a testing and screening process that identifies any risk factors that may have exposed them to a communicable (transferable) disease such as but not limited to; HIV, Hepatitis B or C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia.

Donors are asked to complete a medical screening questionnaire, medical history questionnaire, and a physical and psychological examination.

Damien Fertility Partners Anonymous Egg Donor Program

We actively recruit women to become part of our donor program. If you feel that you have that special calling to help a couple become a family we would love to hear from you.

We adhere to the following guidelines when considering an applicant:

  • You have at least celebrated your 19th birthday, and not yet your 32nd birthday.
  • At no point have you lived in Europe for longer than 5 years.
  • You have not been diagnosed with a communicable disease (see above).


Please click here to read about our Egg Donation program.

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