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Damien Fertility Partners New Treatment Center

This is an exciting year of growth and change for our practice. After twenty years of caring for patients in our Little Silver office we are thrilled to have designed, built and moved into our new treatment facility in Shrewsbury, NJ. Our new address is 655 Shrewsbury Ave. Suite 300 Shrewsbury NJ, 07702. Our entire team has collaborated to customize our new facility so we can continue to offer our patients exceptional care. We designed our new treatment center to exceed each patient’s needs and expectations. No matter at what point you decide to seek our help and guidance, our mission is to support you in your journey and make your treatment as stress free as possible.

We started construction of our new treatment center in November 2013 and completed construction in July of 2014!  We’ve posted some photos of our completed office below.  Please check back often as we will be posting more photos and a virtual tour in the near future.

November 1, 2013 – 655 Shrewsbury Ave. Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
The outside of our new home.  655 Shrewsbury Avenue is also home to the Shrewsbury Surgery Center and many medical and legal offices.
 Shrewsbury Surgery Center edeShrewsbury Surgery Center 2
Green is great for embryos.  We clean green, build green and maintain a non-toxic environment in our treatment center.  655 Shewsbury Avenue is heated and powered by solar energy.  This is a picture of the solar panels in the parking lot.  Additional solar panels are located on the roof.
 eSolar Panels 2

November 8, 2013 Demolition is complete and we are beginning to frame the layout

eDFP New Office 1eDFP Framing 3eDFP Framing 2eDFP Framing 1

November 18th – Walls are now being framed

eDFP Framing 6eDFP Framing 8eDFP Framing 7

November 25th –
More walls are framed and we are getting a real sense of the space.  It’s going to be awesome!  Our designers have chosen a warm, comforting color pallet of earthy green, blue and beige for our new treatment center.  The space will include a primary waiting room, a waiting room just for the families of patients undergoing procedures, a cafe (no charge for snacks and drinks ;-)), an amazing water feature in the reception area, a custom fish tank, two state-of-the-art laboratories, and offices and treatment areas that are designed to offer the best care possible in a comforting environment. 

We’ll be providing more exciting details about our new treatment center in the coming weeks, so check back often. 
The pictures below are our doctors’ offices, IVF laboratory, treatment rooms and recovery area.  The treatment rooms will have huge skylights that depict comforting, peaceful outdoor scenes and the recovery area will be surrounded in opaque etched glass to help create a relaxing environment.
Doctor's Offices edIVF Lab edProcedure Rooms edRecovery Room ed
December 23rd – Environment means everything to growing embryos!  We’ve completed the installation of the structural steel that will support one of the most technologically advanced air handling systems available today.  The system will monitor our laboratory air quality, maintain perfect humidity, maintain perfect air pressure and filter any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air constantly to give our growing embryos the best chance to thrive.
The walls for the entire space are framed and the plumbers, electricians and HVAC contractors are making great progress.  We’re on schedule to complete construction in the Spring.
Structural Steel 1Electric 1
Hallway 1Plumbing 1
Jackie, our laboratory manager and senior embryologist, had a chance to inspect her new laboratory and work space…we’re all excited about the exceptional level of care we will continue to provide our patients at our new treatment center.

Lab Inspection 1

February 28 – We have walls!  We’ve completed the plumbing, ductwork and wiring and we have walls!  We had a few delays due to the weather.  We were not able to do the preparation work for our state-of-the-art HVAC system for our IVF laboratory due to the outside temperatures.  The HVAC system is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the lab.  Our embryos need perfect air quality to thrive and our new HVAC systems will provide the exact environment our embryos need.  The temperatures finally rose above freezing for a few days and we were able to do the roof penetrations for our IVF laboratory HVAC system.  Now that those are in place, we were able to insulate the ceiling and begin drywalling.  Keep checking back.  Our design team goes to work soon and it’s going to be awesome!
DFP Drywall 4DFP Ceiling Insullation 1
DFP Insullation 5DFP Drywall 3
Our lab manager and senior embryologist, Jackie, regularly reviews the construction progress of her new IVF lab.  Jackie, Dr. Barnes, our laboratory director, and our laboratory team are paying attention to every detail of the construction to help ensure we have the perfect environment for embryos to grow.
DFP Jackie 2
April 21 – Paint, tile, ceilings, cabinets and work spaces.  It’s been a little while since our last post about our new office, but the contractors have been hard at work even though we haven’t done an update.  We have paint on many of the walls.  Floor tiles, lighting fixtures, ceilings and cabinets are being installed.  And, the cabinet makers are assembling some of the work spaces.  We worked extremely hard while planning our new office to ensure that it will be a phenomenal treatment facility for our current and future patients.  It is really fun to start seeing live how amazing our new office will be once it’s completed.
Jackie 33Dr Offices 3
Jackie, our laboratory manager, checking out her new office and lab.  One of our doctor’s offices with a new coat of paint.
Nurses Station3Nurses Station 4
Our cabinet makers are constructing the work areas in the nurse’s station, the counter tops are on the way.  The nurses’ offices will be located next to the exam rooms and doctors offices for easy patient access.
OR Nurses Station 3Lab 3
The nurses’ workstation in the patient recovery area is almost completed.  The procedure rooms are in the background.  The picture on the right shows the curved hallway that leads to the laboratory and procedure rooms.  The laboratory offices are on the right of the photo.  The entire front of the laboratory offices will be glass.  It’s going to look amazing!
Reception Desk at Cabinet Maker crFront Desk 3-2
The photo on the left shows the reception desk under construction at the cabinet maker’s facility.  The photo on the right is the same reception desk being assembled at our new office.  The counter tops come next.
 Casework Storage 2Casework Storage 3
These are photos of just some of the cabinetry for our new facility.  They are in storage in another part of the building while the cabinet makers install them…see photos below…
 Cafe 1Kitchen Casework 1
 Bathroom 3Bathroom 55
The tilers are doing a great job with the floors and bathrooms.
 Floors 1No VOCs 5
We can’t say it enough…environment is everything to growing embryos.  Our paint, adhesives and construction materials for our new facility are all low/no VOC products.  We are taking every precaution to ensure that our embryos have the best chance to thrive.
 Business Office Ceiling 1Ceiling Elements 1
Skylight 3Kitchen Ceiling 3
These four photos are all of our ceilings.  The ceilings and walls in our new facility have some really amazing architectural elements to them including wooden designs that weave through multiple rooms, etched glass elements in the walls, a water wall and custom lighting.  Our exam rooms and procedure rooms will all have skylights in them that depict peaceful outdoor scenes.  We know how stressful it can be to pursue infertility treatment and we designed our new office to help make your treatment as stress free as possible.

October 1 – Construction is complete and we’ve moved into our new offices!  We’re loving our new space!  We have a little bit of decorating left to do, but we are settled in and seeing patients.  We’re getting great feedback from our patients and referring physicians.  The best part of all is our success rates are phenomenal!  We’re posting some pics, but keep checking back in.  We’ll be posting more pics and we’re working on a virtual tour that we’ll post in the near future.

Dr. Damien and Dr. Kort at our reception desk.  There is a water wall with our logo behind them.  The water wall is just one of many features we added to our new space to help keep the environment relaxing and tranquil.  We’ve worked very hard to make our office as inviting and stress free as possible.
The first photo above are a view of one of our hallways with Dr. Damien’s office in the background.  The second photo is our café.  We have an assortment of healthy snacks, coffee, tea and hot chocolate available for our patients in case they don’t get a chance to eat before their appointments.
In the first photo above, Dr. Damien and Dr. Kort are in one of our two patient waiting areas.  We have a waiting room for patients who have arrived for their regular appointments and a second waiting room for patients who are undergoing procedures and their family members.  We designed our new offices with dual waiting rooms to help make visits less stressful.
Above are a few photos of our laboratory which is truly cutting edge.  We constructed our entire office including our lab using low and zero VOC constructions materials. Our air handling system for the lab keeps the air clean like a clean room so that no contaminants can interact with our embryos.  We use smaller incubators that create a state of the art environment that is ideal for healthy embryo growth.  We upgraded all of the equipment in our laboratory to ensure we are providing the ideal environment for health embryo growth.  Our attention to detail is paying off.  Our success rates have been phenomenal.







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